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As an IoT (Internet of Things) futurist, Peggy Smedley is very succinct when she says, “With great technology, comes great responsibility.” As the digital transformation of a globally connected society continues to evolve at an unprecedented speed, the impact of, every individual, company, government, organization, and not-for-profit will need to better understand both the physical and digital components of the IoT.

As the founder of the Peggy Smedley Institute, a top-ranked professional education organization focused on providing comprehensive assessments of its clients’ roles within the IoT, Peggy is a recognized pioneer in the M2M and IoT spaces and an outspoken advocate and supporter of security and connected devices.

Peggy has spent a career as an entrepreneur, executive, strategist, and renowned author and an award-winning editor having earned numerous honors for editorial excellence. She authored Mending Manufacturing: How America Can Manufacture its Survival, a book detailing all aspects of the American manufacturing crisis. She has also been a guest on television business and news programs and has been a voice on many national commercially syndicated radio shows. She is an internationally known speaker and highly respected personality in the media world.

She is an expert in wireless technologies affecting construction, mobile, and business strategies. A pioneer of the M2M/IoT revolution for the past 19 years, she is responsible for helping thousands of companies in their development of M2M/IoT solutions, products, and devices. During her tenure at Specialty Publishing Co., she has launched several magazines, industry reports, and her podcasts are heard by hundreds of thousands of listeners internationally.

Onalytica has repeatedly ranked Peggy as a top influencer, including being ranked number one of the top individuals in M2M, in the top 25 Internet of Things Influencers and Brands, and in the top 10 Internet of Things Global Influencers.

In 1997, Peggy formed Specialty Publishing Co. with the goal of enlightening executives in key industries to the importance of understanding technology for the betterment of their companies. Surpassing publishing norms, Peggy has guided her company in successfully launching multi-media company that leverages print, Web, social media, radio, blogging and more. In 2008, she launched the Peggy Smedley Show, on Internet radio and has exceeded more than 500 live broadcasts.

A native of Chicago, she has written or collaborated on eight published books. Peggy has her degree in journalism from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb.