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“Peggy Smedley is the epitome of a thought leader and educator for IoT. She does not place herself on a pedestal or withhold information to empower herself. Instead, Peggy shares her IoT expertise during presentations, in articles, on The Peggy Smedley Show, via Connected World, and during her consulting engagements. Peggy provides valuable insights into the IoT marketplace, the impact of continual technical advances on ourselves and on companies, and the future trends. The speakers Peggy hosts on her radio show and her provocative questions increase our understanding of this evolving technology. Peggy translates IoT concepts into reality with tangible and relevant examples. She covers state-of-the-art developments and provides recommendations on how companies can leverage IoT to transform their businesses to remain viable.

A key challenge I encounter as a consultant to high-tech companies is how to clearly communicate IoT to clients. Peggy’s insights, examples, and clear explanations have given me the knowledge I need to be successful in my consulting work. Clients often ask, “How does IoT impact our business? How can we stay current with the technical changes? How can our company benefit from the advances in IoT? How do we stay ahead of the competition?” I have incorporated the knowledge I gained from Peggy and the experts she hosts on her radio show into my consulting work. I attribute my successful engagements to the information on IoT provided by Peggy.

Peggy is an intelligent, collaborative, and transformative thought leader in IoT. Peggy Smedley is the voice of IoT.”

–Brooke Banbury, president, Banbury Partners

Peggy Smedley was recently announced as an IoT Thought Leader by Industry of Things World.

“Peggy Smedley knows almost all, maybe all, movers and shakers in the IoT space and is instrumental in guiding introductions. Collaborating across the value stream is the only way that the I-IoT value will be achieved. Peggy facilitates that.

Peggy, with Connected World, is a key source of information on what is happening, concretely and without hype in the IoT space.”

–Terri Lewis, energy & transportation,
technology & solutions manager, Caterpillar

"Peggy has a depth and breadth of IoT knowledge nearly unmatched across the industry. I am excited that she is now going to be sharing that knowledge in a whole new way—through the Peggy Smedley Institute."

–Brenna Berman, commissioner and CIO, Chicago Dept. of Innovation
and Technology,City of Chicago

“If you want to learn how IoT is reshaping the world of manufacturing, then the Peggy Smedley Institute is where it’s at. What a refreshing take on an event. I recently attended the Peggy Smedley Institute 2016 and my time has never been so well spent. The entire sequence of presenters and content was extremely well thought out and on point. The speakers, top notch. Accolades to Peggy and her team for their attention to detail and flawless execution.”

Humera Malik, Founder and CEO, Dat-uh.

"Peggy was such a terrific speaker at "IoT: The Extra-Terrestrial," our Internet of Things themed event this past February. We had a record-high turnout of 140 people, which I'm sure was mostly due to people's anticipation to meet a world-class thought leader on the Internet of Things. Peggy exceeded everyone's expectations with her profound insights that can only come from someone with such rich and multi-faceted mastery on the subject. I learned so much from her. In particular, Peggy brought great clarity to what the future holds for traditional industries that don't embrace the Internet of Things. To simply put it, those who don't invest in the Internet of Things now will find their businesses disrupted by those who do. That was an important eye-opener!"

–Luke Tanen, executive director, Chicago Innovation Awards

“Peggy is an energetic, enthusiastic spokesperson for all thing’s digital. Her current focus on the IoT is exceptional. A needed platform to discuss and promote the benefits and challenges we face, but focus on the bigger picture of the amazing benefits a more connected world can bring to us all!”

–Chris White, senior vice president, global IoE/IoT solutions sales & GM, sports and entertainment solutions group, Cisco

Peggy Smedley Institute Sept, 9, 2016

“I attended your IoT conference in Del Mar last week. I really enjoyed the
conference. Very informative and opportunity to network was great!”

–Jonathan Kim, Division Manager, Software Amada America Inc.

psi_hsq_buddy“Thank you @Peggy_Smedley for having us at the #IoT Institute last week! Here's a quick video recap of the event: ow.ly/y2Ro304dfJy

– Buddy Platform, Via Twitter