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The Engagement Process

The Peggy Smedley Institute’s IoT (Internet of Things) professional education programs are based on its researched and actively curated business and technology profiles that document the IoT’s emergence. By combining information from these profiles and prominent subject matter specialists, the Institute is able offer flexible and content-specific programs that align with the unique needs of each of the Peggy Smedley Institute's clients.

The Peggy Smedley Institute offers three types of programs: Strategic, Tactical, and Education days.

The Strategic program offers senior organizational leaders timely, fresh, and rigorously neutral perspectives on what the IoT is, how it is evolving, and where their organizations will “fit” in the IoT ecosystem. Strategic assessments are valuable exercises, especially for companies and organizations that do not have the internal resources to develop them. Conversely, the Institute’s assessments can provide a “reality check” for internally developed assessments, revealing the possible bias of mid-level management that can skew conclusions that, if adopted, could result in less than optimal results.

Tactical programs provide organizations with the ability to educate their team members in specific aspects of the IoT, as it affects the Ecosystem or Value Chain, such as supply chain and manufacturing improvements, warehouse distribution, and supplier-customer information exchange that drive more efficient inventory-management processes, and store-based wireless technology such as beaconing and mobile-loyalty applications that are reshaping customer-engagement strategies. The Tactical programs describe the technologies being deployed in respective use cases in relationship to their infrastructural requirements, revealing opportunities and challenges that may not have been obvious to the team. Tactical programs are led by seasoned facilitators selected by the Peggy Smedley Institute for their topical subject matter expertise.

Education Days
Education Days are offered in larger venues such as conferences organized by industry groups or companies, and are focused on one or two specific technology trends that are impacting the IoT’s market growth. The Peggy Smedley Institute’s events held on Sept. 9, 2016 and April 4, 2016 are good examples of the Education Day program. The Education Day keynote presentation is delivered by Peggy Smedley, and the day’s sessions feature internationally prominent business leaders and academic authorities who have deep experience with the subject matter.

Education Days are based on a process that starts with a discussion about the selection of the right Peggy Smedley Institute program that best serves the objectives of the client and makes clear the expected requirements of, and outcomes from, the selected program. The deliverables and take away materials are defined. Following a proven implementation process that starts once the engagement contract is signed, the Institute team works continuously with the client’s team to ensure the program is executed appropriately.