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Carol Stream, Ill. – March 22, 2016 – In a year where powerful women are dominating pop culture, politics, and business, Connected World Magazine highlights the real trailblazers in world of the IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M.

The editors of Connected World magazine are proud to announce the honorees of the 2016 Women of M2M (WoM2M), highlighting the hard work and innovativeness demonstrated by leaders of the world’s top IoT companies. The fourth annual list is representative of the creativity and uniqueness needed to move connected products and services into the future.

Each of the forty-two women featured this year were selected for their enduring work, which includes extraordinary risks and breaking new technological ground for their respective products, services, and markets.

“Each year we have the privilege to research and interview women in tech firms from all over the world. Determining the 42 that stand a cut above the rest is never an easy task. But every year I am so humbled by the women leading the charge in the Internet of Things,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine and founder of The Peggy Smedley Institute. “This year’s group of women are changing the face of technology.”

The 2016 WoM2M will be acknowledged at a dinner celebration sponsored by QAD Inc. The event will follow the first annual meeting of The Peggy Smedley Institute, which is about education and networking of industry leaders and developing a contextual understanding of the Internet of Things, on Monday, April 4 in San Francisco, Calif.

The 2016 WoM2M include:

Kiva Allgood, VP of Intelligent Solutions, IIoT, and Smart Cities, Qualcomm Technologies
April Arrglington, Cofounder and CEO, ARchimeral
Alicia Asín, Cofounder and CEO, Libelium
Jina Asia Bautista, President and CEO, Window Works
Brenna Berman, Commissioner and CIO, Chicago Dept. of Innovation and Technology, City of Chicago
Sampriti Bhattacharyya, Founder, Hydroswarm
Michelle Blaise, Senior VP of Technical Services, Commonwealth Edison
Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain, Cisco (Security and Trust Organization)
Star Cunningham, Founder and CEO, 4D Healthware, LLC
Liz Derr, Cofounder and CEO, Simularity
Tracey Dickinson, VP of Engineering, MultiTech Systems
Magolin Franklin, IT Project Manager and Senior Project Management Specialist, Honeywell Intl.
Margo Georgiadis, President, Americas, Google
Pamela Gockley, Cofounder and CEO, Vigilant Corp.
Harriet Green, VP and General Manager, IBM
Allaa Hilal, PhD, R&D Software Developer, Intelligent Mechatronic Systems
Nancy Hudecek, SVP of Analytics, AirStrip
Ann Kelleher, PhD, Corporate VP; General Manager, Technology and Manufacturing, Intel Corp.
Elizabeth Kennedy, Assistant VP of Project & Program Management, IoT Solutions Group, AT&T
Terri Lewis, Energy & Transportation, Technology & Solutions Manager, Caterpillar
Jennifer King, President and CEO, DiscountCell
Anne Luvergeon, PhD, Chairman, SIGFOX
Pamela Lopker, President and Chairman, QAD
Triinu Magi, Cofounder and CTO, Neura
Humera Malik, Cofounder and Executive Director, Quexor Group
Mitra Memarzia, PhD, Senior Producer and Business Development, seeper
Kathleen McLean, SVP and CIO, ADT Corp.
Asha Oroskar, PhD, President and CEO, Orochem Technologies
Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO, Commonwealth Edison
Nancy Pratt, COO, AirStrip
Whitney Rockley, Cofounder/Managing Partner, McRock Capital
Tanja Rueckert, EVP, IoT and Customer Innovation, SAP
Tricia Scherer, Business Analyst, Governance, Risk, and Compliance Group, City and County of Denver
Sabine Seymour, PhD, Founder and CEO, Moondial Labs
Heather Sidorowicz, President, Southtown Audio Video
Nina Simosko, President and CEO, NTT Innovation Institute Inc.
Christine Stoffel, Founder/CEO, Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology
Shanti Subramanyam, Cofounder/CEO, Orzota
Julie Sweet, Group Chief Executive, North America, Accenture
Sue Swenson, CEO/Chairman, Novatel Wireless
Jill Ward, President/COO, Fleetmatics
Anna Young, Cofounder, MakerNurse

The list, along with in-depth profiles of this year’s honorees will be featured in the April/May 2016 issue of Connected World, released today. The issue is available in print, or by downloading the Connected World app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or in the new Connected World Web magazine.

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