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Part History Lesson, Part Future Forecasting

IoT (Internet of Things) digital transformation is upon us. Every waking moment companies are challenged with making decisions that impact short term and long-term technology investments. For an organization, this means exactly knowing when is the right time to move in an ever-exploding marketplace. Everyone needs a little help from the experts to inculcate new technologies and opportunities for our clients.

The Peggy Smedley Institute is a top-ranked professional education organization focused on providing comprehensive assessments of each clients’ roles within the IoT, through its team of experts and its expansive network.

The IoT will impact individuals, companies, government, healthcare, and not-for-profit organizations. The primary goal of the Peggy Smedley Institute is to help make clear what the IoT is, as it continues to evolve, and the challenges, risks, and rewards it can offer.

The Institute’s approach to providing meaningful content rests upon a comprehensive assessment of all of the factors that can impact an individual or the organization’s niche within the IoT.

We strongly believe companies looking to forge new pathways must engage in the industrywide discussion about the IoT and how it can create value for their particular situation.

We offer specialized educational opportunities for “in-house” training for clients’ teams where understanding the IoT ecosystem is an essential first step to IoT participation. The Peggy Smedley Institute also will bring the perspective of IoT enterprise leaders to a full day of education and networking on critical IoT topics.

Additional one-on-one personal consulting can also be made available for companies looking to expand reach and understanding of how the IoT will impact and influence an organization’s abilities to disrupt the markets it serves.

Thus, the timing is perfect now for organizations to book your business strategy planner; IoT consultant; a team technology workshop; or speaking opportunity with the doers that make things happen for your organization.